If your home is located within a Fibre or HFC LBNCo network area we can help with getting your home wired and connected for delivery of high speed broadband, phone, TV and Pay TV.

Connecting to the network is easy, simply choose one of the {Retail Service Providers} that operate in your estate / building and confirm your current connections status. Completed houses and apartments may already be connected to the network and ready for a service but if you are building a new house there are some additional steps you need to consider.

If your house is new or requires a connection our RSP partners will advise LBNCo. Our connections team will contact you and guide you through each stage of the network connection process.

Step 1: Planning

To take full advantage of our superfast broadband network you will need to provide cabling, power and distribution inside your house.  Ideally planning for your communications should be done early in the process at the same time as the electrical planning is being done.  You will need to think about what services you would like and where you would like them located throughout your house.  LBNCo recommends you mark up a plan of your house showing where you would like each phone, TV or data point located.  Once you are happy show your builder so that they can integrate it with the project plan.  Remember:  cabling can be installed after the home is built however it is more cost effective and less intrusive to install them during construction.

Step 2: Prepare your house

Outside of the house

Builder / Owner to supply

  • Lead in conduit
  • See our information for builders and homeowners for full specifications

Inside the house

Builder / Owner to supply

  • Power point for network termination device
  • Voice, data and TV points wired back to the NTD
  • Smart wiring hub
  • TV splitter
  • See our Information for builders and homeowners for full specifications
Step 3: Order a Service

As early as possible contact one of the Retail Service Providers below and order your services. Once you have submitted your application the service provider will ask LBNCo to connect your house to the network.

Retail Service Provider Web Phone Technology Support States
Active Utilities_Stacked Logo_FA www.activeutilities.com.au 1300 587 623 FttP, VDSL NSW, VIC, QLD, WA


1300 228 638 FttP, VDSL ALL
leaptel-logo  www.airtel.net.au/airtel-fibre-communities 1800 AIRTEL (247 835)  FttP, VDSL, HFC  ALL
 www.amaysim.com.au 1300 808 300  FttP, VDSL, HFC ALL
www.aptel.com.au 1300 668 481 FttH QLD, SA
ausbbs www.ausbbs.com.au 1300 775 828 FttP, VDSL ALL
Clear network_Main logo www.clearnetworks.com.au 1300 855 215 FttP, VDSL VIC, WA
Clear network_Main logo www.connectedoz.com.au 1300 859 778 FttP, VDSL NSW, VIC, QLD
Exetel www.exetel.com.au 13 39 38 FttP, VDSL, HFC ALL
Fuze_Logo www.fibreworks.com.au 1300 565 615 FttP, VDSL, HFC WA, QLD, NSW
Fuze_Logo www.foxtel.com.au 1300 130 799 Pay TV ALL



1300 881 917 HFC, FttP, VDSL ALL
www.harbourisp.com.au 1300 366 169 FttP, VDSL NSW, VIC, QLD, WA
leaptel-logo  www.leaptel.com.au 1300 205 327  FttP, VDSL  NSW, VIC, QLD, WA
www.occom.com.au 1300 299 999 FttP, VDSL NSW, VIC, QLD
www.pentanet.com.au 08 9466 2670 FttP, HFC WA
www.pivit.com.au 1300 663 320 FttP, VDSL NSW, QLD, VIC
www.planettel.com.au 1300 129 582 FttH NSW, QLD, VIC
 www.southernphone.com.au 1800 130 790  FttP, VDSL, HFC ALL
leaptel-logo  www.telesurf.com.au 1300 795 528  FttP, VDSL  NSW
varsity333 www.varsityinternet.com.au 07 5512 6102 FttP, VDSL QLD, WA
leaptel-logo  www.xi.com.au/internet-data 1300 789 299  FttP, VDSL  ALL