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About Us

We believe in Smart, Energy-Efficient Cities


Since 2007, we have been building and operating Open Access Networks across all major cities in Australia. As the country’s first Fibre to the Home operator, we have unparalleled experience in building and managing voice and data networks; having connected state-of-the-art access networks to over 70,000 homes and businesses ranging from multi-dwelling units, broad-acre developments and retirement living communities.

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With over 20 years’ experience delivering mission critical systems to customers throughout Australia, our pedigree is the design, implementation and management of these systems for our corporate and wholesale partners. Following installation of the LBNCo network, our ongoing service packages are rolled out and operated by our growing network of reputable Retail Service Providers (RSP’s).

At LBNCo, we are a fully independent and privately owned company dedicated to delivering the best in Smart Building Connectivity and are fully compliant with the Federal Government’s Telecommunications Act 1997.

We specialise in a wide range of telecommunications networks to our wholesale and corporate partners across Australia. We are a wholesale service provider, which means we allow Retail Service Providers to connect both residential and business customers to our high-speed networks. These networks are interconnected at the major data centres across Australia.


Network Planning and Feasibility Assessments


Project Management


Installation & Testing


Internet, Voice, Pay TV and Free to Air TV Connectivity


Wholesale Data, Transit and Point to Point Connectivity


Network Builds


Network Operation and Maintenance


Security and Building Management Systems


In mid 2018, LBNCo received significant financial backing from a consortium of investors that includes the likes of First State Super. This enables us to service larger developers and continue to expand our portfolio of properties across Australia.

By offering developers flexibility and support, we have become a major force in this sector; a pioneer in the development of a smarter and more connected Australia.

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Hear what our clients and partners have to say

bayside building group

John Sassen  - Project Manager, Bayside Building Group

Originally NBN were scheduled to do our 100 unit project: however, after many months of coordinating and planning, unfortunately they could not start or complete the job per the agreed dates. If we were to continue with NBN it would have meant our project completion date would have been delayed.


LBNCo were aware of our project so I explained my situation to one of their Project Managers, Mark Lees. Mark was able to have one of his supervisors on site the next day to assess the work involved.


The day after that, LBNCo mobilised a crew to start fitting out the 100 units with all the necessary wiring and equipment; this process took under 2 weeks which was very impressive and completed well under our project completion date.


When we tested the speed of LBNCo’s system we were amazed at how fast it was; it registered 94Mbps for download and 89Mbps for upload. I’d never seen Internet that quick before and as builders and developers we now only use LBNCo for our projects. They provide a very reliable service, on time and without a lot of coordination; LBNCo understand what builders and developers require.

Jan 2019

Tedd Poulos  - Project Manager, Meriton Group

Constructing high rise buildings is not an easy task but LBNCo are certainly one contractor who we rely on to work without supervision and deliver your Internet and television infrastructure on time and without issue. It’s no surprise that LBNCo is engaged by Meriton and has connected over 14,000 apartments in the past 10 years.


Not only are your installation services appreciated by all the construction teams, but we are also impressed by the positive feedback from our building managers. Tenants and owners who live in our apartments are able to connect to Internet service providers and Foxtel with ease. This is reflects well for Meriton and is testament to LBNCo.

Feb 2019

Nabil Abboud  - Managing Director, Abboud Investments

When we initially contacted LBNCo I advised you that we were working with tight project timelines due to being let down by other Wholesale Network Providers.


Within 48 hours of our initial meeting, we were provided a contract that included a firm project completion date.


The LBNCo field team completed the network build and commissioned the infrastructure inside the committed project plan which enabled our tenants to occupy the building ahead of our initial expectations.


Property development is an interesting business that relies on many components coming together “as planned”, and LBNCo have become a partner that we will rely on in the future.

level 33

Nicholas Bechara  - Project Manager, Level 33

LBNCO is the go-to company for fibre and phone lines. They are professional, responsive, flexible and easy to deal with.

Jan 2019


Our focus is to deliver fast, effective and affordable services to facilitate the development of smart, efficient and connected cities and communities. Our mission is guided by our core values. 


We place great emphasis on providing reliability across the board, from construction to support teams.


We take care to remain accountable, transparent and trustworthy throughout our dealings with our clients and partners.


We are proud to offer a comprehensive service built by a team of experts with over 20 years of industry experience.