Developer Information

Developer Information

Building a single or multi-dwelling unit? Then this following information will help ensure your development is on the right track for smooth installation of fibre optic cabling.

Single Dwelling Unit (SDU)

Installing internal customer cabling for telephone, data and other services is the responsibility of an SDU builder or building subcontractor. In addition, it’s also the responsibility of an SDU builder to install the necessary facilities for connecting the dwelling to the network.

It’s a good idea for builders to talk in-depth to the homeowners about which telecommunication services they require in their home, and clearly pinpoint where suitable equipment, phone and data outlets can be situated.
LBNCo fibre networks deliver both fixed line internet and phone services, and we recommend equipment is installed in an area that allows convenient connectivity to phone, computers and internet TV in one.

Structured Wiring

We recommend that structured wiring is installed in all new dwellings for the distribution of super-fast broadband internet, phone and other telecommunications services. It is vital that SDU builders plan and install structured cabling at frame stage in line with the Smartwired recommendations.

Multi Dwelling Unit

We provide Fibre to the Home solutions where phone and data services are typically available, but we can also implement an Integrated Communications Network (ICN), which delivers a range of additional building services for better cost economy and time optimisation.

The LBNCo network provides all of the below services from a single, fully integrated platform.
Integrated Communications Network (ICN) services

• Free to Air / Satellite TV
• Public Wi-Fi Hotspot/Mesh services
• CCTV security
• Building and energy management systems
• Access control and intercom systems
• Lift control systems