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We Provide State of the Art Fibre to Your Project

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Working with Wholesale & Corporate Clients since 2005

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At LBNCo, we work with developers from a project’s start to its completion, implementing state-of-the-art, super fast and NBN-grade communications systems in new developments and existing properties.

We assign a dedicated Project Manager to your project who remains with you throughout the entire journey, offering a far more personalised service when compared to the major government service provider provigil online. This means you receive support 7 days a week, plus the following range of benefits:

  • Early implementation of security cameras to reduce theft.
  • Internet connectivity for your project office from Day 1.
  • Network testing at any stage during construction.
  • Temporary lift line installation so you will not need an modafinil
  • A contracted completion date giving you project certainty.

Our customised end-to-end solution ensures our work is complete prior to Practical Completion of the building, enabling you to receive your occupation certificate without delay.

Development Services

Super Fast Broadband

LBNCo offers speeds up to 250Mbps. In 2019, we will be launching speeds of up to 1Gbps!

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Free to Air TV and Foxtel

Reduce cost and complexity within your development by distributing TV services over our fibre network.

Essential Services

LBNCo can deliver essential services such as lift lines, fire panel lines, gas and security services.

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Site Construction Services

High Speed Internet for your project and sales adipex, as well as temporary lift lines and site connectivity for CCTV.

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Building Services Network

Consolidate all of your building networks, including Community WiFi and Foxtel, on to one fibre backbone.

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Future Proof Technology

Fibre optic networks will future-proof your development, providing limitless capacity and flexibility to deliver zoloft generic now and into the future!

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There are many reasons to choose LBNCo as your telecommunications and technology provider for your development project. Here are just a few:

100% Compliant

LBNCo is fully compliant with all aspects of the Federal Government’s NBN legislation.

Superior to NBN

LBNCo is 50 – 75% cheaper than NBN per apartment installation and there are no requirements to pay for backhaul installation.

Faster Technology

LBNCO provides cutting edge 1GB speed solution – up to 10 times faster than NBN Co.

Supportive Delivery Partner

LBNCO will work directly with existing builder / electrical Contractors to provide onsite communications and lift lines during the construction phase.

Relationship Based

Our operational approach is one of our strongest assets. Building strong, personalised relationships with our clients allows us to offer a service that is both reliable and flexible.

Dedicated Project Manager

You will be supported by your own LBNCo Project Manager, who in turn has direct management over our field team. The members of this team are employees: we never use subcontractors.

Guaranteed Installation Date

Our detailed process and timely delivery of service ensures you receive a guaranteed installation date that precedes the final date of your construction project.

Maximise Development Returns

LBNCo’s has the ability to maximise Gross Realisations by providing more efficient network design (ducts, pathways, termination equipment) and removing the need for a second cable network for Foxtel.

Future Proofing

Our fibre networks offer virtually unlimited capacity for speed and agility, ensuring you and your customers are equipped with future proofed, technologically advanced buildings.

Financial Impact

LBNCo helps your development by savings of up to $100,000.00 for 200 apartments with a superior speed network, completion certainty and increase in m2/gross realistaions.


Emporium Melbourne

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Mascot Central

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Emporium Melbourne

Project Type: Integrated Communications Network

LBNCo was appointed to implement and manage the communications systems for the state-of-the-art Emporium Melbourne situated in Lonsdale Street, Central Melbourne.

With its cutting-edge, contemporary design holding space for over 200 luxury stores, the Emporium Melbourne developer wanted to ensure the site would deliver a full range of services to the owner and tenants of the shopping complex over the extended life of the property.

To provide these services, LBNCo established the concept of an Integrated Communications Network (ICN), which would deliver network services to retail tenancies and the overall building environment.

All services use the ICN to interconnect a range of devices, supplying services such as:

  • Voice and data services to tenants.
  • Public and private Wi-Fi networks.
  • CCTV and Security Services
  • Building Automation and Management Services
  • Building Management back office connectivity.


The Emporium Melbourne ICN network is managed centrally by LBNCo. We look after all aspects of service configuration and operation including network security, performance and maintenance. The site is interconnected into the LBNCo fibre loop within Melbourne, which provides wholesale connectivity in excess of 20Gbps.

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Mascot Central

Project Type: Fixed line fibre, private and public Wi-Fi services.

LBNCo was appointed to install fixed line fibre and Wi-Fi services for each element of the large scale Mascot Central complex which includes an award-winning shopping precinct, residential and serviced apartment community.

Built by Meriton, Australia’s biggest and most influential developer of multi-use residential and retail communities, LBNCo implemented a public Wi-Fi service for the retail precinct, along with Wi-Fi services for the private residential community.

Mascot Central is interconnected with the LBNCo dark fibre network, which successfully delivers virtually unlimited bandwidth distribution to the site’s large array of residential and commercial clients.

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    Can Developers & Builders choose their own Telecommunications Provider?

    Yes, Developers are free to choose their own NBN compliant provider such as LBNCo. Further information from the Australian Government is available here.

    How much does it cost to provide fibre services?

    The price per lot or premise will vary depending on the size and location of your development. LBNCo are proven to reduce direct and indirect costs for our clients, regardless of a project’s scale. Typically clients save over 50% by choosing LBNCo.

    Will LBNCo commit to delivery of the project prior to Practical Completion?

    Yes! LBNCo commits and contracts to delivery that meets your Practical Completion date.