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Building and Essential Services

LBNCo is pleased to be a major provider of fire, lift phones and gas services to strata buildings.

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Essential Services

As part of our commitment to the strata industry, we love russian bride mailorderbride are pleased to be a major provider of the following essential services:

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Fire Services


Lift Phones


Gas Services

Building Services

In addition, we are pleased to provide additional fibre capacity for the services listed below:

(Please note: Public WiFi can be tailored to your communities’ specific requirements – speed, data, no. of hotspots)


Community WiFi


Security (CCTV)


Access Control (Intercom)


Smart Metering


Water Reticulation


Building Management and Automation

TV Services

Free to Air services will be carried over the building’s integrated fibre optic network. This means a single point of contact for support and a more efficient infrastructure.

The TV network will consist of:-


Rooftop satellite dish


Basement Foxtel/FTA headend


Optical splitters and receivers