Frequently Asked Questions

Technical Support


LBNCo is a wholesale Internet provider. This means that our services are provided to Retail Service Providers who then provide you with an Internet connection and a plan.

If you are experiencing issues with your connection, please contact your Internet Provider. 

You will be informed of outages through your Retail Service Provider or you can check for outages on our website. 

TV Support

If you are experiencing issues with your TV. Please submit a Support Ticket. 

Managed Services

If you are a Managed Services customer, please contact our Customer Care Centre on 1300 797 027 

Frequently Asked Questions

How does technical support work?

Your Retail Service Provider is your first point of contact in the case of any faults or technical issues or account enquiries.

What happens to my services in a blackout/power outage?

Equipment connected to the LBNCo access network will not work during a power blackout so consider having an alternative form of communication handy, such as a charged mobile phone.

If you have a medical alarm, speak to your equipment provider about alternative solutions. During a power failure, you will not be able to make or receive calls, including to emergency services.

I can’t find my address on an RSP’s website?

It can take up to three months before new addresses are validated by official address verification services such as Australia Post or local councils. If you can’t find your address on Retail Service Provider’s website, please contact them directly by phone or email.

Note: Registered addresses occasionally differ slightly from the address provided by the developer.

Is the ONU and its cables safe?

Yes, the ONU connection only uses fixed connections, which does not give off any wireless radiation.

What if I accidentally damage LBNCo equipment?

Speak to your Retail Service Provider to have it repaired.

What happens to the LBNCo equipment if I move?

All LBNCo supplied equipment remains the property of LBNCo and should not be removed from the premises in which it’s installed. Speak to your provider when moving to switch your phone and internet services to your new address.

How can I optimise my connectivity?

Connecting important devices such as your computer directly to your router will enhance speed performance. If you have a large house, you might also need a Wi-Fi extender (bouncer) to improve the Wi-Fi connection in your house.