FTTH Installation

Fibre Optic

As a wholesale fibre infrastructure provider, we supply, install, commission and operate all necessary equipment, including; head-end, patch panels, optical splitters, pit and pipe, and power systems necessary to provide your residents and tenants with high speed, versatile fibre connected directly to their homes or premises. 

Our network is future proof – which means it has the capability to facilitate the adoption of new technologies without the need for any infrastructure upgrades.

Our advanced technology delivers purpose-built solutions for apartments and townhouses, broadacre, master-planned communities, mixed-use developments, commercial tenancies, industrial, build-to-rent solutions, hotels and serviced apartments, student accommodation and retirement communities.

Our fibre solution can be used in new developments, as well as existing buildings that require a technology refresh. 

Network Planning
& Feasibility

We have more than 20 years’ experience in delivering super-fast data telecommunications systems – designing, constructing, installing, commissioning and operating; Hybrid Fibre Coax (HFC), Digital Subscriber Line (DSL), wireless and Fibre to the Home (FTTH) networks. 

We will work with you to first determine the communication systems which will be carried over the network, the geographic layout (premises, campus, outside plant (OSP, etc.), and the transmission equipment required. 

It is disruptive and expensive to modify infrastructure further down the field so ensure that the architecture, planning, design, and installation accommodates the long term needs and future growth and capacity.

Fibre Solutions

Fibre-to-the-Home has the fastest speed and the largest capacity of any communications technology. In other areas, the government is deploying copper or co-axe cable instead of fibre. In communities serviced by LBNCo, every home, business and community facility will be provided with a super-fast fibre connection.

To ensure your community is ready for future technology such as smart home automation, assisted living robotics, IoTs, our network infrastructure is future ready with a 10Gbps capability designed in our solutions, that allows new technology to be adopted without the need for any foreseeable future upgrades. 

All our communications infrastructure is concealed creating visually appealing apartments and precincts.

The Benefits Working with Us


Guaranteed Installation Date

We guarantee our installation date will precede Practical Completion ensuring your Carrier Certificate is issued on time.


Build-Phase Support

We work directly with the builder/electrical contractors to provide onsite communications including temporary lift lines and CCTV during construction.



We provide an LBNCo project manager who has direct management over our field team to ensure the installation is carried out efficiently and on time to meet your delivery programme. 


Agile Design

Our design adaptability allows you to decide where equipment is installed and concealed in the dwelling and reduces the riser space required.


Instant Connectivity

We install Wi-Fi ONUs which means Internet services are activated remotely by the RSP, avoiding the need to install separate routers.


Network Efficiency

Our integrated fibre-optic backbone supports super-fast broadband, IP intercom, CCTV, MATV, 4k Foxtel, streaming services, access control systems, security monitoring & alarm systems, smart home automation, building management systems, community Wi-Fi – avoiding the need for multiple installations and outdated copper networks.