Installation Guidelines

For Builders of Home Estates

Connecting a New
Home in an Estate

The following information is for builders and homeowners of a new build in a housing estate that has LBNCo’s telecommunications infrastructure installed.

Contact us for detailed guidelines and specifications on the steps that need to be taken to ensure your home is ready to connect to our network. 

Step 1 – Planning for our Infrastructure
Step 2 – Preparing your Home
Step 3 – Connecting to our Network

The new home will need to be ready with the correct cabling, power and distribution.

Planning for our infrastructure should be done at the same time electrical planning is being carried out.

Download FTTH connection information for builders for further information.

If you need more detailed specifications, please contact us.

The Home Builder/HomeOwner must supply:


  • The Lead in conduit.


  • A powerpoint for the Optical Network Unit (ONU)
  • Voice, data and TV points wired back to the ONU
  • The smart wiring hub
  • The TV splitter.

Once the estate has been energised, your home will be ready for connection. 

To connect Internet services, select a Retail Service Provider that operates on our network and choose a suitable plan that is right for your household.

Your nominated service provider will liaise with us to connect your home to the LBNCo network.