Retail Service Providers

LBNCo’s existing Open Access networks cover buildings and estates in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth delivering Internet, Voice, Pay TV, Free to air TV, security and building management systems to over 50,000 homes and businesses.

Our networks give Retail Service Providers access to customers on broad-acre developments, Apartments and Private communities using our hybrid DSL, HFC and FttH technologies. RSP’s can access a large pool of customers quickly via our standards based OSS B2B interface. At LBNCo we back ourselves and our networks with SLA’s and will support you from our Sydney based Network Operations Center.

As a true open access provider, LBNCo will provide access to any suitably qualified access seeker upon their request. If you wish to join our network as a Retail Service Provider, send an inquiry to our team. Include your business name, ABN, contact details and any additional documents that may supplement your inquiry.

LBNCo currently works with the providers listed below:

Retail Service Provider Web Phone Technology Support States
Exetel 13 39 38 FttP, VDSL, HFC ALL 1300 808 300  FttP, VDSL, HFC ALL

1300 228 638 FttP, VDSL ALL


1300 881 917 HFC, FttP, VDSL ALL
Active Utilities_Stacked Logo_FA 1300 587 623 FttP, VDSL NSW, VIC, QLD, WA
ausbbs 1300 775 828 FttP, VDSL ALL
Clear network_Main logo 1300 855 215 FttP, VDSL VIC, WA
varsity333 07 5512 6102 FttP, VDSL QLD, WA

Asset 9 1300 565 615 FttP, VDSL, HFC WA, QLD, NSW 1300 760 219 FttP, VDSL VIC 1300 366 169 FttP, VDSL NSW, VIC, QLD, WA 1300 668 481 FttH QLD, SA  

1300 299 999

leaptel-logo 1300 205 327  FttP, VDSL  NSW, VIC, QLD, WA

If you want to contact LBNCo to join in our network, please submit RSP Inquiry and our team will contact you soon.