Managed Internet Services

Managed Internet Services
for Rental Accommodation

Leveraging our advanced fibre network and integrated Wi-Fi capabilities, LBNCo offers Managed Internet Services for developers and building owners that retain ownership of assets, or where a third party will operate all or part of a development. 

This includes build-to-rents, rental pools, short or long stay accommodation, hotels, serviced apartments and student accommodation where an LBNCo network has been installed into the build.  

Our advanced Wi-Fi enabled ONU can be configured to deliver Managed Internet Services directly from LBNCo for the delivery of Netflix, IP Streaming Services 4K Foxtel, free-to-air TV services, and VoIP or IP PABX, as well as connectivity to common areas such as conference rooms, restaurants, and lobbies.

We provide operators with wholesale-rates for Internet services which provides the operator with the ability to generate an ongoing income stream. 

Key Features

  • A range of speed options
  • Delivered over our high-performance fibre network
  • Super-fast, reliable, unlimited data
  • Access to our local support centre 24/7
  • 99.95% uptime SLA
  • Opportunity for an ongoing income stream

Benefits of a Managed Internet Solution



Our network is carrier-grade which means it is monitored by our operations centre 24/7 to ensure the delivery of a consistently reliable network.


PMS Integration

Our management system can be integrated with numerous property management systems to simplify billing and customer support.


Self-Administration Portal

Services are managed through a self-service platform which can be accessed directly by the guest, or on their behalf, by management.


Commercial Flexible

We have a range of speed and customer support options to suit your specific requirements.


Expert Local Support

We provide guests and management with 24/7 Australian-based customer service support.


Cost Efficient

No additional network equipment is required for services to be deployed providing significant cost savings.


Always Activated

Services are ‘always on’ so guests do not have to wait to be connected. There is no activation or deactivation fees.


Billing & Reporting

We provide flexible billing options and occupancy fluctuations are considered in our pricing. Our reporting ensures usage is transparent with diagnostic and system health checks on hand.

Retirement Communities

LBNCo provides packaged Internet and Voice Services for retirement communities. This allows the Estate Operator to provide residents with connectivity services and include the costs in their management fees. Key benefits to community residents are:

  • Access to discounted rates through a collective pool of services. 
  • One Internet provider means more efficient and straight-forward customer care for residents.

Build-to-Rent &
Student Accommodation

We provide discounted Internet services with unlimited data for short or long stay rental accommodation. The Internet service is billed to one nominated entity which allows Internet services to be bundled into rental rates, and retail margins added onto the discounted rates we provide.

We offer a variety of speed plans and different levels of customer support options plus access to a Manager’s Portal for self-service administration.

Hotels & Serviced Apartments

We provide Managed Services for hotels and serviced apartments to provide the connectivity required for guest services such as broadband, IP streaming services (Netflix, Stan, 4K Foxtel), VoIP, and PABX services.

For Hotel Operators with their own Internet Gateway, LBNCo can, as an alternative, provide a managed solution which includes a high-quality unlimited Internet link to your Gateway Controller.

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