MATV & SMATV Services

Design &

We design, install and commission MATV and SMATV services, to support Foxtel and free-to-air TV. These services seamlessly integrate with our fibre backbone, delivered via the LBNCo Wi-Fi ONU in the apartment or premise, eliminating the requirement for splitters, amplifiers and co-axial cable in communications risers throughout the building.

The design, development and installation process for MATV requires a high level of specialised skill and experience to ensure a quality signal delivery.

The ‘Head End’ and ‘Distribution System’ should be planned and installed using high-quality MATV equipment, and the appropriate installation techniques, to achieve cost efficiencies and a crystal clear image without a loss of signal quality.

Our team is fully trained and certified to conduct integrated PayTV and Foxtel installations to ensure everything is Foxtel compliant.

We provide an infinite warranty on the infrastructure and equipment owned by LBNCo – absorbing hardware liability that the owners corporation or building owner may be otherwise exposed to. 

The Benefits our MATV Services


Optimal Reception

We ensure in our designs that each outlet, in every unit or premise, has optimal reception.


Quality Parts

We use only the best parts and digital head-end equipment and distribution of RF signals for MATV systems to ensure the long life of your system.


Support & Maintenance

We provide ongoing support and maintenance for both the active and passive equipment including antennas, comms room equipment, and the telecommunications cables that support these services


Design Accountability

Our team designs your MATV System, commissions it, and provides ongoing maintenance and support which includes hardware replacement, end of life replacement, tech upgrades. 


Project Accountability

We provide an LBNCo project manager who has direct management over our field team to ensure the installation is carried out efficiently and on time. 


Network Efficiency

Our integrated fibre-optic backbone supports MATV services avoiding the need for multiple installations and outdated copper networks.

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