Network Solutions

Creating Network

One integrated fibre-optic backbone services Broadband, VoIP, Access Control, Free-to-Air, 4K Foxtel, Streaming Services, Smart Home Automation, and CCTV – avoiding the need for multiple installations and outdated copper networks.

To ensure your community is ready for future technology such as smart home automation, assisted living robotics, IoTs, our network infrastructure is future-ready with a 10Gbps capability designed in our solutions, that allows new technology to be adopted without the need for any foreseeable future upgrades. Our system is upgradable to 100Gbps and beyond as technology demand dictates. 

Our Network Delivers the Following Solutions

Gigabit Passive Optical Networks (GPON) interconnects with a wide range of building management and monitoring systems which LBNCo delivers such as: 


FTTH Broadband

Our network delivers the speeds required for voice and data today as well as those needed in the future with 10GB Fibre-To-The-Home already designed in our current solution. 


Community Wi-Fi

We can provide uninterrupted high-speed connectivity across the common areas of a development. We will work with you to determine the most suitable positioning for WAP location, wiring proficiency, before carrying out the installation.


Building Automation

We coordinate the use of the fibre capability for Building Management Systems, mitigating the need to use outdated technologies such as copper long term.


Access Control

We supply and install access control management including licence plate registration that utilises our network such as IP Intercom systems. 



We can supply and install all CCTV security requirements which utilise our fibre backbone saving space, time and money.


Smart Home Automation

We supply and install smart home automation that can be programmed and controlled by mobile devices and the apartment’s intercom. This includes blind, lighting, and climate control. 


Essential Services Communications

Consolidate all building essential services communication requirements such as lift lines, fire panel lines, gas and security services over our fibre network. 


MATV Services & 4K Foxtel

Reduce installation costs and complexity by distributing Free to Air TV and certified 4K Foxtel services over our fibre network.


Construction Site Connectivity

We provide high-speed Internet for your project and sales offices, as well as temporary lift lines, site connectivity for CCTV, and reddit programme capability.

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