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Network Updates

Notices and Outages

Millbridge Performance issues:-

Status Update: Due to the nature of the fault, the equipment is not restored yet and customers may still experience slow speeds during peak times. Unfortunately, we do not have the ETA on the fault but the next status update will be provided on 20/09/2019


Please be advised of the current service outage in LBNCo network below.

Unplanned Outage Notification WA Millbridge – Slow Speeds during peak times
Ticket ID 2019091810001815
Date Started Wed, 18/09/2019
Outage Start Time  5:00pm (WST)
Estimated Time of Restoration  No ETR
Summary of the outage Customers may experience slow speed during peak times
Services Affected  Internet
Sites Affected WA Millbridge
Number of Customers Impacted Approx 150 customers
Status Update LBNCo is currently investigating the issue. A technician will attend the site to fix the network equipment.