Optimising your Experience

Choosing a Plan
to Suit your Household

When considering what plan to sign up to. Think about:


Downloads & Uploads

The type and size of the content you are uploading or downloading. Downloading includes watching Netflix or other streaming services and gaming, and uploading includes sending emails, using cloud-based software, posting on social media.


Your in-home Set Up

Connecting important devices such as your computer directly to your router to enhance speed performance.


Size of your Home

If you live in a larger home or apartment and are experiencing areas of poor Wi-Fi coverage, resulting in dropouts or slower speeds, then you may need a Wi-Fi extender or mesh device to boost your Wi-Fi signal. 


Number of People & Devices

The number of people and devices in your household actively online at the same time, as the speed you choose is shared between all users and devices in the home.

Speed & Performance

Considerations to optimise speed and performance.



Consider upgrading devices, such as printers, that were made before 2009 which may struggle to reach higher speeds. If upgrading isn’t an option, turn the device off while not in use.

ethernet cable

Ethernet cable

An Ethernet cable connection is recommended if you’re looking to achieve the best possible performance from your television. You can also consider using an Ethernet cable to connect to other fixed devices in your home, such as desktop computers and gaming consoles.  



If you have multiple devices connected at the same time, it can impact the speeds you may be able to achieve. Busy homes with a number of devices may need a bigger plan. 


Wi-Fi Extender

If you have a large house, you might also need a Wi-Fi booster to improve the Wi-Fi signal in your house.

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