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Find out how to get connected below!


Looking to connect your home with high-speed broadband services? Simply choose one of our Retail Service Providers to get connected!

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If you’re planning to build or have just moved into a new house and require a connection, there are a few things you need to know. Click below to find out more about our Residential services.

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Need TV Support at an LBNCo

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If your home is located within a Fibre or HFC LBNCo network area, we can help you get wired, connected and ready to experience high speed broadband, phone, TV and Pay TV.

Connecting to the network is easy — simply choose from one of our Retail Service Providers that operate in your estate/building and confirm your current connections status. Completed houses and apartments may already be connected to the network and ready to utilise services, but if you’re building a new house there are some additional steps to consider.

If your house is new or requires a connection, our RSP partners will advise us and our connections team will be in touch to guide you through each stage of the network connection process.


Step 1 — Planning

To take full advantage of our super-fast broadband network, your house will need to be ready with cabling, power and distribution. Planning should ideally be sorted early, at the same time as the electrical planning for your home is being carried out.

Planning tips

  • Think about the services you’d like, and where you’d like the services located throughout your home.
  • Using a plan of your house, mark where you would like each phone, TV or data point located.
  • Show your builder your marked plan so they can integrate it with the project plan.

Remember: Cabling can be installed after the home has been built; however it’s more cost effective and less intrusive to have cabling installed during the construction stage.


Step 2 — Prepare your house

Outside your house

The Builder/Owner must supply:

  • Lead in conduit.

Read our Information for Builders and Homeowners for full specifications.

Inside your house

The Builder/Owner must supply:

  • Powerpoint for Network Termination Device (NTD).
  • Voice, data and TV points wired back to the NTD.
  • Smart wiring hub.
  • TV splitter.

Read our Information for Builders and Homeowners for full specifications.


Step 3 — Order a service

As soon as you can, contact one of the Retail Service Providers and order your desired services. Once your application has been submitted, your nominated service provider will liaise with us and your home will be connected to the LBNCo network.


More Information

LBNCo FttP Connection Guidelines for Owners and Builders.

LBNCo FttP Connection Information Homeowners and Builders.

LBNCo FttP Detailed Specifications / Guidelines for Builders and Cabling Providers.


    Prior to submitting a TV support request please complete the following troubleshooting steps:

    Please try to re-tune/re-scan the TV channels.
    Looks like the TV port or cable could be faulty or loose. Please check again.
    Please try this before you proceed.
    Please try this before you proceed.


    If the fault is still present, please submit a TV support request using the following form:


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