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Our Fibre Networks give Retail Service Providers (RSP’s) access at apartments, broad-acre developments and private communities using our FttH, Hybrid DSL and HFC technologies

As a true Open Access provider, we provide access to any qualified RSP upon request. If you’d like to join our growing network as a Retail Service Provider, please email the team at rsp@lbnco.com.au or contact us below.  

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Why Become a Retail Service Provider?

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We offer RSP’s a superior product; our 1Gbps speeds are 10x faster than NBN Co. This in turn comes with hands-on account management, proactive promotional support and a rapid turnaround provisioning time.

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We pride ourselves on delivering accessible and exceptional customer service; it’s easy to reach us at our Australia-based network operations centre.



With LBNCo, you have the opportunity to earn more revenue and higher margins than you would as an NBN RSP.



We offer port pricing and highly competitive CVC charges.

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