Smart Home Automation


If you are looking to distinguish yourself in the market, adding home automation can give your property the edge over your competitors.

Home automation is an increasingly popular selling point that moves apartment sales faster at higher prices.

Now that home automation systems are more mainstream and the technology has improved exponentially, the cost has come down considerably which has seen more and more developers adopt this technology into their designs.

Buyers are looking for a place with something extra and the savings residents make in terms of energy reductions is a real benefit to purchasers.

Our integrated solution means as soon as a resident moves into their new home, the intercom panel is also their home control pad, allowing them to automate lights, blinds, curtains, heating and fans as they like. They can also control these functions through their smartphone devices. 

We provide an infinite warranty on all infrastructure and equipment owned by LBNCo – absorbing hardware liability that the owners corporation or building owner may be otherwise exposed to. 


Design &

We help identify technologies required and provide the technical details in your electrical design plans.

Early adoption, preferably at the design phase, of LBNCo fibre and smart home automation will enable the concealment of the hardware in the design by the architect, such as motors for blinds behind pelmets.

We then provide a formal inventory of costs for the project and work with your team to ensure all works are carried out professionally. Smart home automation includes:

  • Lighting Control
  • Blinds & Curtains
  • Heating & Cooling
  • Security
  • Cloud-Based Voice Services
  • Music Controls

Why Choose us for
Smart Home Automation


Reduction in
Energy Consumption

Residents have the ability to control lighting, blinds, heating, and cooling remotely via their smartphone device and the intercom system.



Our solutions are scalable. We can install just lighting control, or the full suite including climate control, and motorised curtains/blinds.


Support &

We provide ongoing support and maintenance for all equipment including the devices, intercom, and telecommunications cables that support these services.


Centrally &
Remotely Controlled

Smart home features can be operated via smartphone, tablet, and the intercom monitor.



Smart home devices are integrated with the intercom monitor, allowing the user to use the one device in the apartment for intercom, access control and home automation.



Our integrated fibre-optic backbone supports all smart home services avoiding the need for multiple installations and outdated copper networks.

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