Technology Upgrades


With working from home and remote learning environments now being a part of our routine, fast upload and download Internet speeds are a necessity.

We supply, install, and maintain state-of-the-art Fibre To The Home (FTTH) telecommunications infrastructure to existing apartment blocks, unit blocks, retail complexes, commercial, and industrial buildings to provide them with uncontended superfast connectivity for Broadband and VoIP.

Our technology is delivered via a single optical fibre cable and support speeds of up to 1000mbps, with a 10Gps upgrade path designed in our solutions ready for next-gen technology.

Our technology supports super-fast broadband for individual apartments as well as community Wi-Fi in common property areas. 

We are an Open Access wholesale provider, which means residents have the freedom to choose their own Internet Service Provider, once our technology is installed.

The Benefits of a Technology Refresh


One-to-one Contention

With an LBNCo fibre optic connection, you have a 1:1 contention. The network is designated solely to your scheme alone; meaning you don’t share it with others, providing you uncontended high speed access.


Better Reliability

Unlike copper cabling, fibre optic Internet is not susceptible to inclement weather conditions, human or electrical interference which can damage or stall data transmission.


A Choice of Providers

We have more than 30 Internet Service Providers using our network and we are constantly onboarding new  Internet providers to provide you with more options. 


Pure Fibre Cables

Our FTTH  fibre optic solution uses pure fibre cables and no outdated copper cables which means you get super-fast connectivity that can be increased to suit technology demands. 



Faster Speeds

Fibre optic Internet is many times faster than even the highest-speed copper Internet connections, with options available up to to 1000 Mbps.


Larger Bandwidths

Fibre is capable of providing 1000 times as much bandwidth as copper. Large bandwidths are required for video streaming, AR, VR, smart home technology, web conferencing, and cloud-based applications.


Future Ready

Our technology is future-proof, with a 10GB upgrade path designed in our solutions, which means we provide future bandwidth and speed requirements necessary for nextgen technology without the need for any foreseeable upgrades.



Electrical signals from copper cables can be trapped. The only way to penetrate fibre optic is to physically cut the cables, which will cause the signal to disappear.

Fibre Infrastructure

FTTH Diagram

Corporation Role

To provide a technology refresh, we need to engage with the owners corporation/body corporate or the building owner (depending on building type) to conduct an onsite review and prepare and present a quotation for the most appropriate installation to connect the property to our open access network. 


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